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SGI Projects

MIT's Summer Geometry Initiative is an intensive introduction to concepts in the field of geometry processing. I had the opportunity to participate as a fellow in 2022, during which time I worked with researchers on three projects.

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Orienting Point Clouds

Michael Kazhdan - JHU, Tiago De Souza Fernandes, Anna Krokhine, Qi Zhang

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Text-Guided Shape Assembly

Matheus Gadelha - Adobe Research, Tiago De Souza Fernandes, Bryan Dumond, Vivien van Veldhuizen

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I❤️LA: Compilable Markdown for Linear Algebra

Yong Li - George Mason U., Yotam Gingold - George Mason U., Alec Jacobson - U. of Toronto, Bryan Dumond, Dimitry Kachkovski, Hannah Kaufman, Alejandro Pereira

OpenGL Widgets

Completed for CS 480, Computer Graphics at BU

Lighting Shader

  • Implements the Phong illumination model with support for diffuse, specular, and ambient light
  • Reflectance properties defined per-surface
  • Radial attenutation of light intensity
  • Optional angular attenutation of light source (spotlight)
  • Optional simulation of "infinite" light source (sun)
  • Manual construction of geometric primitives (torus, sphere, cube, cylinder) with indexed vertex buffers

"Vivarium" Simulation

  • Animated models: hierarchical linkages with poseable joints
  • Orientation of creatures in facing direction with quaternions
  • Spherical collision detection between objects
  • Modelling of "hunting" behavior using Gaussian potentials